My name is Peter Alan Herbert and I do words…

All sorts of words, really. Great big words. And itty-bitty little words. Words you know. Words you’ve never seen. And one or two you might not believe. Sometimes, I do words I’ve completely made up. Like Meeb , Yom, and Fotzlefrup.

I’ve done words for newspapers and magazines. I’ve done words for .COMs and agencies. I’ve done words for money and sometimes for free. I’ve done words for a whole load of people and places. I even do words for me.

“Sticks and stones,” you say? Tut tut. Words can break your heart or they can bust your gut.

Word to the wise — keep your eyes on me; I’ve got my black-belt in Word Kung Fu.

Hey! Send me a message and maybe someday I’ll do words for you!!!