Infrequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Ask it in the comments and I might just answer it and add it to this list.


Q: Who the Hell Are You?
A: I am PA Herbert. Read more here.

Q: What in the Hell Have You Written?
A: I have written a lot. I have not published much.

Q: What Are You Writing Now?
A: Right NOW? The answer to this question. Oh, you meant what major projects am I working on? I am currently finishing up a YA sci-fi/speculative manuscript set in Cincinnati, OH. AI am also working on a new novel, which is more contemporary YA.

Q: What About Your Film Projects?
A: My brother Joe and I co-directed an indie film, In Between Days, starring Amy Jo Johnson and William Russ. Working with Mr. Russ was like a dream come true (I am a HUGE Boy Meets World fan). We usually always have something in the oven…

Q: What Happened to Your Reality TV Show?
A: You can find it on Amazon Prime, actually. If you don’t like it, well… where I can watch your TV show?

Q: What’s Your Favorite Book?
A: The Screwtape Letters

Q: Who Is Your Favorite Author?
A: GK Chesterton is the MAN.

Q: But GKC Didn’t Even Write Your Favorite Book!?
A: You didn’t let me finish. Other than my boy, GKC… I do love CS Lewis, Hilair Beloc, and Flannery O’Conner for their insightful, funny, original, smart works. I will always hold a special place in my heart for my secular pals: Douglas Adams, Christoper Moore, and, yes, even you Kurt Vonnegut.

Q: What’s a Great Book I’ve Probably Never Read?
A: Red Sky at Morning by Richard Bradford

Q: If You Could Only Give One Piece of Advice to Writers, What Would It Be?
A: Stop talking about what you’re working on, and work on it!

Q: How Many Brothers Do You Have?
A: Five. Catholic, so…

Q: Why Are You Catholic? Religion is Dumb.
A: I left the church for almost a decade. I get it. I know all the arguments. But, to paraphrase GKC, I left in search of a Heresy and what I found was Orthodoxy. It just makes sense to me, more than any other philosophy. Have a beer with me sometime and we can get into the gritty details.

Q: How Tall Are You?
A: I’m just one faux-hawk shy of 6-foot-four.

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